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This is an ink for forming the rear electrode aluminium on crystalline silicon solar cells. Its main ingredients are aluminium powder, organic binders and solvent. When ALSOLAR® is coated onto silicon wafers then dried and fired, it is not only effective as the rear electrode, it is also possible to form a high quality and uniform BSF layer. It is therefore an essential product for the manufacturing of high quality solar cells。






Product introduction:

 Standard type



Fired cell characteristics (Representative values)

Model of

aluminum paste

 Lead  Power conversion Peel strength Warping(mm)
Single Polycrystalline
ZQ series  Lead-free  Above 19.0% Above 18.0% 20N ≤1.5

  ※ Module laminated with a glass/EVA/cell/EVA/back sheet structure and measured 

           with width of  mm, angle of 180° and measurement speed of 100 mm/min



 Product property


Test method
Particle size
Particle size gauge 
TV-H type viscometer, 25(the viscosity is regulated in accordance with the customers’ requirements)
Surface electrical resistance
≤15 mΩ/
Precision resistance tester
Warping displacement meter




●Packing method

  Sub-package: Size: Ex,1L container 2kg per can, We can arrange customer's requirements。

  Product label is attached to the can, which indicates: Model of the product, production lot number, net weight, date of production and term of validity。



●Newly developed items:

  1 For rear surface passivation films

  2 For n-type silicon

  Based on your requirements, we can conduct R&D on your required products. Please contact with us in time for any needs。



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