Frequently Asked Questions

About Sprite Sheet

What is sprite sheet?

Sprite sheet is a concatenated version of your images into one big image file. Sprite sheets are most commonly used in game applications and web sites.

Why do I need to use sprite sheet?

For game applications, sprite sheets increases game's loading speed. Because loading one single image file is faster than loading much more image files. For web sites, sprite sheets decreases the image requests. Thus, your web sites loads faster.

Can I make a sprite sheet manually?

Yes, but with manual generation you need to fight with ordering your image files and counting pixels to parse the sprite sheet. Sprite Master does this operation automatically. It also uses the best algorithms to order your sprites in an most efficient way.


What is Non Power Of Two (or NPOT)?

Non Power of Two is about image size. Most of the game engines on the market uses OpenGL ES. OpenGL ES requires image sizes to be in power of two. Images that will be used in OpenGL ES needs to be power of two width and height (like, 32x32, 64x64, 128x64, 4096x1024, etc). Sprite Master is designed for both Game & Web Developers. If you will not use OpenGL ES with your sprite sheet, you can activate Non Power Of 2 feature for much minimized output.

What is Algorithm For?

Algorithms and Methods are working both for best ordering of your sprite images. They always tries to make smaller size of sprite sheets. Always try for Algorithm and Method for best results. In near future, other algorithms will be added to Sprite Master.

Are you planing to improve Sprite Master?

Yes. There are planned updates and features that will be added to Sprite Master. Even we have a roadmap, please don't hesitate to contact us for feature requests. This will help us to improve our roadmap and our current roadmap's accuracy.

What will next features be?

A small list of next major features will like below.
  • iOS 5 Support (Retina display support)
  • More alrogithms for more choices and much more best results.
  • Free arranging of sprite images in the editor.
  • Individual sprite property editing.
  • Output image dithering and color space parameter.
  • AndEngine support and code export.
  • Physics Shapes Editor.
  • Animation support and preview.

Will next features available for free?

Yes. If you purchased Sprite Master, next features will be free.


Do you have a community that I can ask questions?

Yes. We have a support forum, you can register and ask questions. Also, you can send your questions to

How do I submit a bug?

You can simply send an email to

When will my bug to be fixed?

Your bug will be fixed on the next update.

Who is the developer of Sprite Master?

Sprite Master is created by Polat Olu (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)

How can I follow updates for Sprite Master

You can follow mobinodo on twitter.

Are you planing to develop Sprite Master for other platforms like Windows, Linux, etc.?