css customization
  • Hi,

    i just had my first experiences with Sprite Master Web and i think the generated css output could be much more useful if
    a) the path to the sprite image needs to be configurable. if you keep your css and image files in separate folders the generated sprite image name need manual tweeking every time you update your files
    b) custom code that is wrapped around the generated css. with all those shiny retina displays starting to spread.... this would be very helpful if we could wrap our own media queries around the css automatically.

    what do others think about this?
  • ups wrong category - sorry.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences about Sprite Master Web. You can find your answers below.

    a) Very cool idea, I'll add an option in settings for this feature in the next version.
    b) Can you please explain in more detail.


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